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What was the project brief?


When working fulltime as a Graphic Designer my position levitated to becoming a Financial Brand Designer and was given the task to rebrand their four global offices for a financial company into one consistent brand.

Collaborating on projects


For this project, I worked directly with the Marketing Director and the Founder, handling all new branding and marketing .

What services did I provide?


Established enterprises often reach a plateau in their growth, and need to reinvent themselves somewhat, which results in a rebranding of their identity becoming necessary. I have experience with helping firms achieve this rebranding by working directly with the directors and handling all branding and marketing.

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Financial Brand Designer

Blog post: when should I give up on my brand image?


You may have spent a lot of time and money on your brand look, and it’s just not getting any return on your investment. Do you give up on the brand image and completely reinvent it?


Before you do this, here are some areas I would look at first and study before ditching it altogether.


1) Is your online presence good enough and are you directing to the correct audience? Maybe looking more into your Google Analytics will give you more insight into who’s looking at your marketing material and perhaps some careful changes could improve your responses.


2) Could it be your Marketing is the problem instead? If your brand image is a Niche design then so should your marketing be, instead of focusing on getting the attention of as many people as possible (such as using a massive e-mail database full of random e-mails). Maybe collecting data of people who you know are going to be interested in your service/product would be a better move. Such as adding a newsletter service on your website and going directly to customers, such as trade shows and fairs.


3) Is the product and service as good as it could be? Maybe your getting people contacting you and visiting your website but that’s it nothing else! Rather than the design is wrong, maybe your product or service needs a few tweaks to improve it. It’s always a good idea getting random people and friends to look at your business or product and get some good old honest feedback. Maybe the price isn’t competitive enough, or people are using their phones to visit your website and the form doesn’t work.


A great way once you have done the above in working out whether a brand image is working or not is to use landing pages and do A/B testing with your design work.


Tweak the brand look on one landing page to be more youthful and the other more mature and spend a bit of time exploring which one gets the most response.


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