One Day or On-Going Package

On-going amount of days

Price: £15 per hr* (Min £30)

Deposit required: £30 (Taken from the above price)

Terms & Conditions

Bespoke Service

A bespoke service that’s centred around what precisely you would like me to handle for you regularly or a one-day window. All you need to do is book me in and provide me with a to-do list within a priority of importance.

What do I provide with this package?


It could be anything such as marketing, social media management, website content management or brand management.

We can arrange a few hours when we are both around to speak or roll with it by email!


I can shift a lot of work from your list as I have been doing this for twenty years – I like using Trello to communicate, and you can write your needs here. I can get on with your projects by Using various computer software and coding.


I can work autonomously with a small brief or work a bit slower and involve you regularly to get what you are after 100%.

What do I need from you to get started?


You’re best to be around on the days we work together, but if you give me a detailed brief, I can work fine with this alone and arrange chats every few hrs or so.


For organisation reasons, I use the website/software Trello and do push you to use this as its the future when it comes to project management.

It really would be good to get this set up between our selves. This is my page .

 I will send you an invite to join a project board to share. You will need to register.


For me to get started, you will need to upload as much information about your business/project, so I get a good understanding of your project to trello.


I will need passwords for your WordPress website, backend, Server, and Social Media accounts if required.


You will need to write brief as bullet points with priority at the top and email this to me.


I will work through this list until your chosen package in hours is complete.


If you around I can give you an estimate on how long each job will take.


Having an already existing brand look would help a lot; otherwise, I will do a generic acceptable corporate business look.


If you find my packages a bit pricey you can always talk to me about setting up a monthly retainer scheme, booking me in for three months would make it cheaper.

Current Live websites in my portfolio:

Freelancer Tutor – JA Wood Sculpture

Trusted to recover automobiles across the UK-

Past projects from my portfolio:

Logos, Business Cards & Social Media Graphics 2
Website Package 20


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.


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