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Have you ever thought, of maybe getting some of your brands onto merchandise, to give to your clients – as a thank you? Perhaps you were worried, it might not work out, and you’re left with lots of merchandise in storage?


Well, I’ve become an affiliate with I’ve made my mind up before getting involved in affiliate businesses. I would only advertise a business if I had a strong bond with that business. Well, is one of those businesses. They are 100% excellent.


Why are they so good?


The great thing about is you don’t have to buy a tangible product, and it is all set up, so you can sell your products using pictures of what your product would look like once it is printed.


Such as below:




If you want to give you a product, as a present to a client, it will let you order 1-3 products monthly, with 20% off as the owner of your account.


You can use their design tools to make your designs pop, or you can use a designer like me to do something a little unique.


The products are then sent when purchased by your customers from Latvia in Europe or America. So with a few clicks, you can become a shop owner selling globally to customers with hardly any cost. All you need to do from there is work on your marketing to get your products noticed. Such as using your social media accounts and website SEO tactics.


What’s the catch?

They take a small cut of the profits you make, and it can be a very competitive arena and it can take some time to drive traffic to your shop.


The positives?

If you have a new product and need to investigate the market for it and don’t know whether the public or businesses will like or need your product. This is a great way to experiment without investing any money.


What else can they do for you?

If your confident with technology you can connect your account to third-party platforms such as Etsy, eBay and many more. You can also get API feed and implement it into your own website.


For me, this is such a win-win thing, as it takes all the handling work away from you.


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