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Hi, I’m Helen, the face behind Eluminocity– a one-woman business support person.  I specialise as a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Manchester. I also do Marketing Design, WordPress Website Design, WordPress Editing (With SEO knowledge), Code, Copywrite & Tutor. I am using the PC with the Adobe Creative Suite.

First impressions are everything, and at Eluminocity, I have all the skills and expertise to make your brand stand out from the crowd. I can help you unlock your full potential by listening to your creative ideas and create a professional image that you will be proud to own.


It’s my goal to give each of my clients projects the attention and TLC they deserve. I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into a business, and when you need to hand over projects to other people you, need to know they are going to give it the respect it deserves. I want to be the person that helps you bring your ideas to life – that’s what lights me up!


You should also know that although I work in front of a computer creating top-notch work, I’m not all about myself. I spend a lot of time in the community keeping up to date with the latest trends and skills that are fashionable at the moment, while continuously enrolling on courses and get on courses regularly to keep my skills up-to-date in Website Design, Graphic Design & Marketing.


    • SEO (Advanced)
    • Copywriting (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced)
    • HTML & CSS & JQuery
    • Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate)
    • Newsletter Design & Build (Advanced)
    • Adobe InDesign (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
    • WordPress including backend (Advanced)
    • Flash/Animate (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Premiere (Beginner)
    • Photography (Beginner)
    • Mailshots (Advanced)
    • Trello (Intermediate)
    • Salesforce (Beginner)
    • A small amount of PHP (Beginner)
    • Small amounts of AfterEffects (Beginner)


With heaps of passion for technology/design and bags of experience working with fantastic brands such as Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and much more. I design mostly marketing material but also skilled in Website Design.


Practical interpersonal and communication skills: Understanding what is required and what is achievable is fundamental to delivering effective results.


Artistic flair matched with creative problem-solving capabilities: My talent as an artist, combined with the academic insight gained while attaining a degree in the fine art, inspires my work.


The ability to plan and organise: This forms an integral part of any product delivery, and is especially important when other parties are involved.


Strong technical skills: I am highly motivated and enthusiastic in my approach to learning about new packages and technology that will enhance my skills.


After receiving a Fine Art Bachelors Degree with Hons from The University of John Moores Liverpool in 1998, I became very interested in computer arts. During the last year of the course, I followed up my interest by furthering my education via computer software courses.


Before starting at Eluminocity, I pursued a successful career in graphic design & website design, for 20 years. I worked fulltime within marketing/advertising/internet departments and liaised with clients, programmers and marketers. Brands I have worked with include Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and more.


During this time, I began to recognise just how unique my collection of skills were. The majority of my colleagues were 100% interested in creating websites and graphic design and had no interest in whether the plan was making the company a profit, or whether it could be improved and made more cost-effective. Additionally, my colleagues in the business departments were very business oriented but struggled with creativity.


While this was all good experience, I was unable to leverage my business skills under these circumstances. I decided to start my own business while working fulltime at Capify global financial company. When I was trusted with more management responsibilities when delivering projects, it provided me with the confidence. To entertain the idea of going out on my own, and in time, Eluminocity was born!


Dates Attended: August 2014 – February 2016.

Position: Full-time/Graphic Designer, Email Developer & UI/UX Designer.

Employer: Capify, UK

Description: I was a confident and enthusiastic designer with a strong background in creating marketing collateral. Responsible for rolling out a global brand and creating the logo. Proven to produce leads with quality design work and hand-coding. Involved in the website and email UX/UI


Date Attended: March 2013 – August 2014.

Position: Full time Role/ Web Designer/Graphic Designer/Marketer/UX Designer.

Employer: JBD Distributors

Description: Creating package design, web designs, front-end development and social media marketing.


Date Attended: January 2013 – March 2013.

Position: Full-time Role.

Employer: Decor Group

Title: Brand Manager.

Description: I generated Marketing & Design concepts for many clients, including Microsoft within a Graphic Design & Interior Environment.


Date Attended: 2008 – 2012.

Title: Freelance Projects

Description: Designing for newspaper adverts, magazine adverts, website banners, flyers, brochures and posters.


Date Attended: June 2005 – July 2006.

Title: Lead Web Designer

Company Name: MX Data Full-time.

Lead Designer within a growing software company that involved, working effectively with the manager and clients to negotiate and agree on brand identity while hand-coding CSS/XHTML/J-Query when needed.

Main projects are undertaken, including:

Bentley – PDA/Mobile game (Released on Motorola phones)

RAC – PDA/Mobile icons (Released on Motorola phones)

World Cup Planner Website – Comment from Siemens saying they were “very, very impressed” by the football game. He used the words “blown away”!


Please contact for the larger version of this CV.


Dates Attended: March 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: How to become a more effective and confident net-worker Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Market Research Masterclass Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Sales Masterclass Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: January 2017 Course Duration: 1 day Course Title: Branding Location: Business Growth Hub Manchester


Dates Attended: November 2014. Course Duration: 2 days Course Title: Advanced Word Press Location: MadLab Manchester


Dates Attended: May 2003 – July 2003. Course Duration: 10 days. Course Title: Designing Relational Databases using SQL. Location: University of Salford


Dates Attended: November 2000. Course Duration: 5 days. Course Title: Real-Time 3D Modelling with 3DS Max. Location: University Salford


Dates Attended: October 2000 – October 2000. Course Duration: 5 Evenings. Course Title: Intermediate Javascript. Location: IDEA Centre, University of Manchester


Dates Attended: September 1997 – December 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week Course Title: Multimedia and Design Location: CDSTfe Economic Development, College Diploma, 36 Slater Street, Liverpool


Dates Attended: April 1997 – May 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week. Course Title: Internet skills training: Location: University of Liverpool.



Date: Sept 1993 -May 1996


Location: Liverpool John Moores University

Date: Sept 1990 -March 1993



Course Title: GCSE Ceramics

Location: North East Worcestershire College

Date: Sept 1987 -March 1999

Course Title: G.C.S.E ENGLISH, MATHS & ART

Location: North East Worcestershire School

You can find my CV with a more detailed history of my background by contacting me, where I can send you an in-depth CV in detail and certificates.

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